Salty Sam's Marina
Fort Myers Beach, Florida
These state-of-the-art aluminum boats, ride like a jet ski on the surface of the water. With only
four inches of draft they have the unique ability to do a "Hamilton spin" – a flat spin within the
boats own length-named after the father of jet boating Sir William Hamilton of New Zealand.
The maneuverability of these crafts is a special feature and unmatched by any other design.
The ride is a combination adrenaline buzz of white-water rafting with Nascar® racing. The New
Zealand style of driving ensures passengers have a safe thrilling ride – and best of all – it’s
suitable for most ages.
Jet boats are unique in the fact that they don't have an exposed
propeller in the water. It actually has no external parts and instead of a
propeller and rudder it uses a jet pump for propulsion, steering, and
control. A reversing bucket is used to direct thrust forward for reverse
operations. If marine wildlife such as manatees are a concern, feel
good knowing that with only 4 inches of boat in water and no exposed
propeller they are safe.
"It's like a jet ski on steroids....for the whole family!"
Built by Smoky Mountain Jet Boats out of North Carolina, "Hot Tuna" is powered by a fuel
injected Chevy 496ci big block producing 375 horse power. It was formerly operated out of
Clearwater, FL before finding its new home here in Fort Myers Beach, FL.
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